Friday, January 14, 2011

Passion vs Patience

So, I expected a number of things to miraculously happen after my first blog entry.  Namely:
1.        Oprah, Ellen, Dr Phil to be banging down my door asking for just a minute of my time to come on their show .  (Oprah, you better hurry up, this is your last season afterall) or at the very least, NZ’s Good Morning show – (just so I could turn them down, I mean, really?  Even I have standards).
2.       Publisher deals, Book launch parties (as obviously I would have written my autobiography overnight), book signings and red carpet requests.
3.       A Husband – Even despite my last post, becoming an overnight success must draw some talent my way, shouldn’t it?
Anyway, surprisingly, it never happened.  As you can guess from the above, I am not a very patient person.  I am truly passionate.  Not the rose between my teeth, stilettos and fishnet type of passionate (although that has been known to happen – disastrous consequences, another post).  I mean the ‘I can’t think of anything else passionate, excited, bursting, explosive passionate’.  I managed to blag my way through an interview once, saying that I was so excited about the job, I had a burning fire inside me, and it worked.  (Job in question – secretarial temp to an IT manager, 3 weeks).
I am like a shaken bottle of fizz ready to explode when I get a new idea.  I get so ahead of myself – utterly consumed with excitement.  Unfortunately, like a bottle of fizz, the next day, I’m a bit flat, then, by the end of the week, well, it just needs to be replaced with a new bottle.
Patient people are not like this at all.  They are methodical, cool, calm and collected.  Always reaching their goal.  They are, in my eyes, divine and the key to my road to serenity.
I would, without hesitation, trade in half a bottle of my passion, for just a mere sip of patience.  Just a sip, would see me through such a number of daily activities.
-          Building lego with my son, a box deemed suitable for 7yr olds.  Hmmm.
-          Sticking to a diet, instead of expecting to grace the catwalk after consuming my first salad.
-          Mowing the fricken lawns
-          Finding the right pair of each child’s shoe as we are leaving the house
-          Playing Board Games
-          Keeping it together whilst simultaneously cooking dinner, wiping bottoms, finding shoes and building lego
-          Completing.....well, just about everything.
The possibilities are endless!   I am on a quest to find patience!   How exciting!!!

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