Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Time for a recap.  Its the end of the first quarter and time to assess how my new years resolution is coming into fruition.   For 2011, my aim was to make this year all about ME!  Yes, selfish I know, but well deserved if I do say so myself.
 For the last two years, my children have been my absolute focus .   My children’s father and I separated whilst we were living in the UK and at the age of 3 and 2, left all they knew, their house, family, friends, pre schools and Father to live in NZ with me alone. 
Despite my own pain and grief, I have been completely focussed on managing and helping them through their pain, fears, anxiety and immersing them in their new kiwi family and community, making new friends and starting new schools.  My wonderful children have been AMAZING and a constant source of inspiration and admiration for me.  They still have bouts of pain but more manageable and we have all worked hard to make a life for ourselves here and live happy!
They are so fully immersed in their community and schools, sports, and have many friends and are so happy so I feel I can honestly say that my job was well done.  It was extremely intense, when I thought that I couldn’t handle any more pain, another blow would come and knock me off my feet but we have finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel and life is looking good!
So now that my children are happy, my 2011 focus is ME and my resolution is all about EXPANSION:
Expanding my Knowledge, Interests, Income but not my waistline.  So at the end of the first quarter, how have I feared?
-          I have started this blog, which I am loving, expanding my interest in writing and also giving me an opportunity to babble when bored in the evenings!
-          I’ve held a ‘make your own pasta’ evening with a group of new friends (and my lovely old one)  Highly recommended – making pasta from scratch with only a rolling pin as equipment.  Lots of Italian food and wine is a sure winner to bring people together for a good night.
-          I’m currently organising with a friend of mine a ‘make your own mozzerellia’ evening with a respected NZ cheese maker demonstrating, with of course lots of wine and new friends.
-          I am now employed!  Only a few hours a week cleaning out the fish tank at the local kindergarten but hey, small steps....
-          I’ve started an exercise regime and although my waistline remains the same, my fitness and energy levels are increasing – a big plus.
-          I’ve taken up a crafty hobby and made my daughter a doll, all lovingly hand stitched.  It’s a bit wonky, but she loves it which made it all worthwhile.  I was so impressed with myself, I also made one for my niece’s first birthday and I’m currently making a snuggle monster for my son out of his now redundant baby blanket.
-          I’ve taken on an international exchange student, helping both with my income and family.  A wonderful addition to our family and also expanding my and my children’s knowledge about other cultures.
Above all I have a positive mindset that is motivated to get ahead, and is thirsty for new experiences.  Not a bad start so far.  Bring on Q2!